Penwith 50+ Forum

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I regret to inform you all that this
will be the last update for the Website!
At the May meeting discussions were held on the viability
of the website, due to some unsolvable issues.
It was voted that the website would close at the end
of the month, we would not renew the contract.
Any further contact, please use the following email:
Thank you for your time visiting the website and
supporting the Penwith 50+ Forum.
Our Monthly meetings continue to be held on the
third Thursday of each month, except the
Christmas week where it will be held on the
second Thursday.
Meetings start at 2pm and finish at 3.45pm to allow for tidying up the hall.
AGM will be held in June, after the Guest Speaker

Rules for Covid

To attend you must have received three jabs and show no symptoms
of the virus. It is your decision as to whether you wear a mask or not


We will need to leave the building by 4pm, so we will start to clean up around 3.30-3.45, help is always appreciated.